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Tanya is an advocate of proactive rather than reactive methodologies – through proper education and preventative practices, overall health and wellness is not only achievable but, more importantly, sustainable.

Through ‘A Taste of Healthy Eating’ Tanya aims to help others achieve their unique and personal goals; whether these goals relate to general health, weight loss, or disease prevention. Since each person is biochemically unique, A Taste of Healthy Eating programs tailor a customized dietary program that is specifically aligned with the needs and circumstances of the individual.

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Holistic Nutritionists follow health issues all the way down to their source and drive healing through whole foods and natural supplements.

  • Hi Tanya, I loved your seminar last Saturday! I was telling my friends about how aware I am about reading labels on packages now. Just wanted to say thanks for organizing this sugar detox. I'm down 4lbs and feeling great. No more sugar in my morning coffee! Although I'm a little sick of salad, I won't be running to Harvey’s to get my lunch anymore. I feel‎ great, have more energy and I'm sleeping better. Most notably is my tummy is shrinking which I am rather happy about!

  • Tanya's sugar detox session is a real eye-opener! I learned that sugar is hidden in many unexpected places and also  learned strategies to avoid sugar and find healthier alternatives. A very educational and fun session.

    Hilary S.
  • Your presentation yesterday was excellent. It was very professionally prepared and presented. Everyone was very attentive so you really held us in the audience. Having a copy of the presentation was an added bonus. Well done!