Healthy Eating Carrots



1 session (one hour)

One hour in your home to:

  • Re-format and organize your kitchen to maximize new habits.
  • Clear out your cupboards and fridge of unhealthy foods.

One hour in the grocery store to:

  • Learn how to read labels properly.
  • Understand how common grocery store layouts navigate your buying choices.
  • How to shop efficiently and affordably on your budget.



Two, one hour sessions

In our first one-hour session, we will walk through a complete assessment of your lifestyle, eating habits, health history, and symptom analysis.

In our second one-hour visit I’ll deliver and explain your personalized and practical plan including:

  • Meal Plan
  • Supplement referrals
  • Dietary Guidelines
  • Lifestyle Changes
    • Stress
    • Sleep
    • Schedule

* During the initial week of the 7-day meal plan, I’ll be available anytime via e-mail to answer your questions or address any concerns!

Want More Information?

Do you want to find out more about A Taste of Healthy Eating and what it can do for you? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact me today.



4 sessions (30 minutes each)

Follow up sessions are integral to the success of personalized plans since it takes time to introduce or eliminate foods from your diet, change habits, and your body to adjust and detox.

They give us the opportunity to see what’s effective, what’s missing and to make necessary tweaks.